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Premium Solar PV System Installer

Solar panels


On-grid: Households could opt for an on-grid system where the power is generated during the daytime and fed directly into the household's use to offset energy drawn from the grid. Should the household be unable to use all the power generated at a given time, called “over a generation”, the power would need to be fed into the grid.

Off-grid/Hybrid : Households generally consumes the most energy during the early evenings and mornings – the time of day when the sun does not produce optimal energy. Storage of energy through the use of batteries then becomes necessary. These systems provides the consumer thecustomer with the security of supply.


Over the 25-year lifetime of solar panels, this equates to thousands of pesos. If you operate industrial solar panels, you can sell excess energy to utility companies for a profit.


The benefits of solar panels for business go beyond practicality and saving money.

By switching to commercial solar panels, you are also

lowering your business’s carbon footprint. This is based on the number of greenhouse gases produced by your

actions. Solar energy is renewable and carbon neutral.

Installing Solar Panels
Sustainable Energy


The industry is reliant on the electrical supply. Whilst industry consumes large amounts of power the generation through PV during daytime could be offset against the total consumption to reduce costs. Industrial sites have vast unused roof space and are at the same time large consumers of electricity. Installing a Solar PV system would offset the cost of power purchased from the grid

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